The Student Information Management Portal (SIMP) is one of the components in the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS). It is a centralized online information system which stores updated details of the current student population in Sri Lanka. This system intends to address the national requirement of having updated nation-wide student information as it is not currently addressed by any procedure or mechanism. The system will also facilitate to track student movement across the schools until he leaves the school.
This online system will provide information required by zonal education offices, provincial education departments and Ministry of Education for planning and better decision making at the national level.
The initial phase of the information system will gather basic information about the individual student. Later, the system will encompass student academic, extra-curricular activity records and disciplinary records which can be accessed by parents and teachers with respective school with the correct authority level and other education administrators to formulate customized reports involving all the stakeholders in the school education sector.